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again i am alone. mekare, she cant be with people, or vampires… - Lonely Red Woods [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 20th, 2004|08:27 am]
again i am alone. mekare, she cant be with people, or vampires rather. they make her feel... whats the word? dead? lol alone but i still have humor. i decided to start this online journal because lestat has one and (him being my favorite child even though he is astoundingly bratty) told me it was a great way to meet others, with out actually meeting them. now explain to me how my brat prince can take the time to figure out how to work a journal but cant figure out how email works to save his pre-verbial "life". i never fully appreciated how much the mother had to deal with. although i still hate her, as i always will, i have a respect for her.a respect that runs as deep as blood. but what is blood really?nothing binding if you think about it. in all my years i have yet to find anything that is a fully binding contract. so should i not have respect for her because i am not bound to her? or should i rather accept the blood contract and respect her no matter. do not confuse the issue my young ones respect does not mean love. im not entirely sure when this newofund respect came upon me. i think it began when i was walking through my forest and i heard the prayers, like so many whispers upon a new grave, but then again it could have began when i took her lifes blood into myself. again im not entirely sure. i heard the crys of dying ones. of the old of the young of the newly born. all of these were my children. Lestat, you devil, sent me prayers constantly, wanting to know "did i want to become "good"" i never answered as you well know. i have found that in lestat's it is better not to answer then to answer and find yourself in a battle you are bound not to win because he is a devil and his tounge and wit are far superior to yours, all though not to mine. i was just not interested in besting him. im sorry my love it is true. i was so very suprised to find role playing games that are about our lives. little did i know i was so popular,or rather we the lives who have been told in the vampire chronicles were loved. lestat we must talk i have something of the greatest importance to tell you. and please no fake lestat's really that is quite immature and after all we are adults arent we?

until then my love, ~Maharet~