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unforeseen dangers... - Lonely Red Woods [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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unforeseen dangers... [Apr. 20th, 2004|06:37 pm]
i am toying with something that shouldnt be toyed with. *shakes head* i am horrible, but one cant help the way they feel can they? i think i have found the true lestat, but how can one be sure? its not a matter of asking, for surely someone can just answer any of my questions if they have read any of anne rice's amazing books. i just hopw that my brat answers my call and talks to me.i simply must tell him something, its of upmost importance. Mekare is at my house and i have sent a call to marius as well. but can i be sure that he will come? can i be sure that they even love me anymore? maybe marius is so inlove with his lust for armand he dosent hear it. maybe he has become drunk on this love for his child. i have. Khayman i wish he would join us to, but i cant reach him. he has drawn himself away from me. i can hear him but i cant get him to listen to me. he has done this twice before but never for this long. maybe this time he really has forgotten who he is, and if he has then what i fear, that what i have to tewll lestat is happening. Please my love answer me quickly!

Ps: this is rp i dont really think im the real Maharet in case anyone was wondering and if im doing a horrible job just tell me.LOL i love you all my fellow Vampire Lovers!